Are You Standing Out In the Dental Industry?

How can you make sure that your dental practice is one that stands out? How can you stand out in your personal life, your business life? How can you stand out in everything that you do? How can your dental team, be a team that stands out among the rest? 

If you look historically at work, performance and income, it used to be if you did a good job at work, you would receive a good income. Today, it takes an outstanding performance at work to achieve an outstanding income!


How do you do this? How do you stand out to be outstanding? How can you drive value bigger than anyone else in the office? How do you go from good to great? From great to awesome? From awesome to outstanding?

"Look at how everybody else is going and see if there is a way you can swim perpendicular to it and stand out and add MORE VALUE than anyone else."

In dentistry, how can we bring more value and stand out? When thinking of marketing and new patient flow, how can you promote a unique idea to stand out? What about sensitivity? Do your patient's experience sensitivity? Do they have friends experiencing the same thing? Marketing doesn't have to be complex or hard, just unique enough to draw your market. What about social media? Are you using the tools in this area to promote your practice to be outstanding? Posting a funny in office video doubled the new patient flow in one month in an office in the Midwest. And they had a blast doing it!

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Northwest Dental Center

Are you willing to swim perpendicular? How willing are you to try new things and turn from what everyone else is doing? What can you do in your office to be that one person to go above and beyond to be outstanding? What results do you think that would bring? More satisfaction in your job and life? Perhaps more revenue in the business you are involved in? A raise for you? Increased patient flow and case acceptance? All because you swam perpendicular!

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