Interview with Todd Ehrlich, DDS of Digital Enamel

We all know that today in your Dental Office, your dental patients are always 'too busy' or they have to "check their schedules." Lucky for you, you are able to provide enhance treatments to your patients thanks to CAD/CAM technologies and because of that, single appointment dentistry has greatly improves the patient experience. In other words, in some cases, in smaller treatments what they may think might take 2 or more dental appointments, really take only one.


All of you have had a patient that says "I love you but I hate coming here." This is due to the fact that Patients crave modern dentistry, with easier and more comfortable appointments. Patient are often dazzled by the computer images and watching the milling of their crown. With the use of CEREC restorations the patients are able to have a much improved experience. Patients love having their restorations done in one appointment and not having to deal with impressions, temporary restorations and a second appointment to seat the impression.

The most successful dentist is the one that is open minded and has a willingness to be educated and learn more and more about new technologies and better materials. The foundation of doing better restorations with your CEREC is in advanced education. The biggest advances in dentistry in the future will be in better materials that will allow the practitioner to save more tooth structure and have even better fitting restorations. The continued advances in the CAD/CAM system and better materials has increased the speed, a precision that dentists are able to place high-quality restorations.

The key to expanding your dental practice is in educating your patients about what CEREC technology can do for them. Tell them about single-visit restorations and how the restoration process works. Educate your patients that with CEREC restorations more of their own tooth structure is preserved and that there is a reduced risk of recurrent decay.

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Darren and Todd Enrilich - Accelerate My Practice

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