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"When everything seems dark, it's your company's WHY that is the light to lead the way.Success starts with the WHY. Put simply, why you do what you do. When you understand that, it will guide you through the ebbs and flows of business. It will attract others that believe what you believe, both employees and customers. Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" illustrates why a company that understands their WHY is more successful and inspires where others cannot. Like Simon Sinek beautifully said, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." So think carefully, what's your WHY? Few organizations actually know their WHY and even fewer actively share it. But the most important thing you, your employees, and your customers can know is WHY your organization exists. The HOW and the WHAT follow accordingly. Then you can start to talk about what you believe and attract others who share those beliefs.


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