Why list your practice with AMP?

To use a real estate metaphor, some brokers are interested in getting the listing and simply putting the sign up in the yard. Given all are paid by the seller, their goal is to get you, the seller the highest price. A higher selling price seems like a great thing for you, but what about the future of the practice and relationships you spent years building?

Our goal is to get you a great price, but not such that you destroy relationships with your team, your patients and your buyer. We aim to broker a transaction where all parties feel like they won, rather than leaving someone feeling as if they lost.

To accomplish this, we need to find the areas of opportunity within your practice and find a buyer who can take advantage of them and—while it can be hard to admit at first—improve on what you've accomplished.

As a seller, you have to be willing to set up your buyer to be even more successful than you. Think of it like your children: Do you always want to be better than you child or do you want to see them exceed even your best performance? Naturally, you want to see them do better. Why not give this gift to your buyer? How would you have felt had someone done this for you when you purchased? This allows you to get a nice check and still leave a legacy after you are gone.

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Why Sell Your Dental Practice?

Health: Diminishing health could be a sad reason to sell, but is a common one. If this transaction is done well, you can still have a place to work part time and supplement your income.

Business: There is only so much that can be accomplished on your own. If you have reached the $2–3M range as a solo practitioner and want to build it larger, you might need a partner or at least an employee doctor.

Life: It could just be time to move onto something else or to move closer to family or grandchildren.

List your practice with AMP!

Interested in Listing with AMP?

To get a rough idea of what your practice is worth, we will only need limited data. To actually list it, we will need to perform a comprehensive analysis. If you areinterested in getting started, you can fill out the form below.

Once we complete a comprehensive analysis, we will discuss our evaluation with you and discuss certain factors that affect the price. How quickly you want or need to sell? Is there a high need for a high valuation and selling price? Once agreement is reached, we can stage your practice to accomplish your goals, list it, and market it across many venues to accomplish your desired timelines.

All prospective buyers will be required to sign an NDA for your protection before seeing preliminary financials and arranging a showing. These initial steps are done without your involvement, on purpose: It is our job to sell your practice, not yours.Too often selling doctors get bombarded with fishing expeditions rather than serious buyers. Our job is to work through this first and save you time.

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